About me

Nature lover – introvert – woman from the Waldviertel

Sabine Mann Portrait

Hello. My name is Sabine and I love art. Ever since my childhood, I have been crazy about drawing. Growing up, however, my life took a different turn, and I found my self working in the corporate sector. As life moved on, I realized I was missing something. I felt a change was needed.

So, a few years ago, I decided to take the courageous step and returned to the artistic path. In doing so, I allowed myself space to follow my creative spirit and went back to school. Art, Design and Multimedia became my new focus.

As a young girl, I grew up in the Waldviertel; a rural region in the Austrian highlands. Bordering Bohemia and full of forests, its nature and vast landscapes shaped my thinking, my values and my personality.

Today, I carry a degree in health management in tourism in my backpack. I gained valuable experience living in Ireland and Nepal. My work in the field of human rights and NGOs has shaped me. My training as a certified herbalist has brought me closer to the creative power of nature and thus to creative thinking. In my day to day, I deal intensively with the topic of sustainability. As a result, I’m always looking for ways to incorporate this philosophy into my work.

Today I love what I do, and taking that new path, has made all the difference.


why do I do this?

I am passionate about using my creative skills to help others. When I see great ideas and projects that people are developing and implementing, I am not only enthusiastic, but inspired. It makes me happy to promote and support new ideas and watch them grow.

As a graphic designer, I like to make a positive contribution to help ensure that great ideas and projects are successful. That their messages are heard.


Create for Positivity

It is my vision to bring great ideas to life. To promote a world that inspires, encourages and brings positive change.


Visuals for great ideas

Through creative design solutions, my mission is to realise your vision and make your ideas shine.



Sabine and the bee

The bee forms most of my name phonetically, and I am honoured to be associated with such an enchanting creature. The zeal, diligence and collective effort of bees are traits that I greatly admire. For this reason, the bee serves as my emblem, symbolizing these positive traits. She is the guardian of my name and an inspiration for my work.


Sustainability – let’s be honest

Sustainability is now a buzzword that is often used and has developed into an important factor in the corporate world. However, the implementation of sustainability represents a challenge. Because it is important to find a balance between ecological and social responsibility and the economic performance of a company. Empty promises and greenwashing are often the result. I can’t claim that I work and live 100% sustainably, that wouldn’t be honest.

But I try to live a sustainable lifestyle as much as possible in my work, my company and privately. Sustainability can be integrated into the design, and I am always educating myself about it. In my company, I take the following steps for more sustainable responsibility:

Timeless Design

I like trends because they’re fun. However, for long-term projects, especially print projects, I design graphics that are as timeless as possible so that they don’t look outdated after a short time. Promotional materials should last a long time and not have to be disposed of soon.

Conserving resources

I prefer printers that offer environmentally friendly printing methods, focus on sustainably, and print with water-based inks. I use as little paper as possible and prefer to use digital media such as e-mails, PDFs or online presentations to convey information.


User-friendly and accessible designs are beneficial for all people. It is important to me to implement as much as possible and to point this out to my clients.


I prefer working with suppliers and partners that focus on sustainability, such as web hosting and printing companies, or local businesses that share my values.


I prefer online meetings or phone calls for client meetings and briefings. However, if we are close to each other, we can meet up for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake to support local gastronomy. If possible, I travel by train or public transport and avoid flights.

Office Equipment

I use recycled paper and ecological cleaning products in the office. I print as little as possible and turn off my electronics completely at the end of the day. I also like to buy refurbished devices to make my electronic equipment more sustainable.

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