Illustration – handmade solutions for your ideas

Do you have an idea that you want to visualize but can’t find a suitable option? Want to add a personal touch to your project but don’t know where to start? There are illustrative solutions. As a designer, I love to bring ideas to life, whether it be on paper or by way of digital media.

Character Design – Believable characters for your project

Character design allows us to create authentic characters and bring them to life. How they move, how they live, how they think, speak and interact. What their strengths and weaknesses are, and how they entertain us; these are all important questions to make a character believable. Together, we can develop an original character, unique to you and your project.

Pattern Design – creative integration into Corporate Design and projects

Another way to use illustrations is to create patterns. I enjoy working on developing patterns that can be easily integrated into a corporate design or creative project.

Calligraphy and hand lettering – personal expression of texts

Texts and words are given a personal expressiveness in handwritten form. So if you are looking for a unique and personal touch, why not give it a try??

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