Photo & Video

The art of visual communication: photo, video & animation

When looking for photos for your website, social media channels or print documents, it is of great importance that they are of high quality and fit your design or style. I am passionate about taking photos and I am happy to support you and your idea with my work.

By using video and animation, you can add an extra dimension to your project and make it even more engaging and interesting for your audience. For example, you can introduce yourself or your idea in a video or animate your logo. I attach great importance to storytelling in my concept and editing. With font, style, effects or the right music, we can emphasize your message even further.

Your advantage: high-quality photos and videos leave a lasting and professional impression. This can improve your company’s image or generate awareness for your idea.

Photography – professional images

  • Portraits
  • Website/Promotion Material
  • Event photos

Image editing:
Thanks to modern software, the possibilities for photo editing and optimization are almost limitless. If you would like to have existing photos adjusted, I can make changes to your liking.

Video design for YouTube or your website

  • Concept & Storyboard
  • Image Video
  • Introduction Video
  • Expainer Video


Animation – for creative content

  • Logo Animation
  • Creative videos for individual purposes
  • Combination video & animation

Do you want to visualize a company story, or a great idea, but cannot find the right video material? Animation videos offer a wide range of possibilities and are the ideal way to express creativity and individuality. With animated videos, there are no limits to your imagination, and you can give your idea an unmistakable style.

If you have a unique logo and would like to bring it to life with movement, an animated logo is a great choice. We can incorporate your story into the logo through storytelling.


We asked Sabine to photograph us for the “Portrait of Today” project. The atmosphere at the photo shoot was really pleasant – Sabine’s enthusiasm and openness helped us a lot to feel happy and relaxed in front of the camera. The different moods, lighting conditions and backgrounds of our open-air location are incredibly beautifully captured. We felt really well looked after and “seen”. The result feels meaningful, authentic and real. Exactly what we wanted.

Claudia Heidegger



What is the quality of the photos?

My photos are taken manually with my professional camera and I have great technical equipment to model with the light. I take the pictures in raw format. This enables digital photo development without losses during processing. This makes it easier to adapt photos to your design guidelines.

How does a photo shoot work?

I understand that being in front of the camera can be uncomfortable for many people. But don’t worry, I’ll do my best to make you feel safe and comfortable. My approach is that you should just be yourself and have fun at the same time. Laughter and humour should not be missing.
 For a shoot with a specific purpose, we need a concept and good planning. We make sure the light is right, the environment is right, and maybe we need specific props or color-coordinated clothing.

How does the production of a video work?

Together we develop a video concept and I create a storyboard for larger projects. The video shoot is like the photography (see photo shoot). The video is then produced, including cutting, editing, sound and music. Animations and effects can also be added if desired. If you are looking for suitable music, we can talk about it as I have great partners.

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